Education & Public Outreach

Courses Developed & Taught

  • AMNH Masters of Arts in Teaching Program; Fall 2012 - Present; Develop and teach summer astronomy research curriculum to cohort of Earth Science teacher candidates as part of larger summer lab practicum course
  • AMNH After School Program; Fall 2012 - Spring 2013; redesign and teach high school after school enrichment courses in beginning astrophysics and observational astronomy

EPO Activities, Presentations, & Talks

  • "Just a Postdoc Faculty Member", seminar at Louisiana State University, January 2014
  • "Day and Night at the Museum" and Graduate Panel, invited talk and panelist at Louisiana State University site of the Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, January 2014
  • "Collaboration between research scientists and educators to prepare new Earth Science teachers", poster at the 223rd American Astronomical Society Meeting, Washington D.C., January 2014. Downloadable PDF
  • Enrichment astronomy classes at high-needs NYC-area middle and high schools, 2013 - Present
  • "Unique collaboration between research scientists and educators to prepare new Earth Science teachers", poster at the 221st American Astronomical Society Meeting, Long Beach, CA, January 2013
  • Public Talks about supernova cosmology
  • Talks about being an astronomer and the basics of supernova cosmology to a variety of programs at AMNH, including Teacher Professional Development Workshops, Summer Science Institute, Lang Science Program, and Saltz Internship Program
  • Public Astronomy Nights, Landolt Astronomical Observatory at LSU, Spring 2008 - Summer 2012, operate reflecting and refracting telescopes to show LSU students and the general public objects of interest throughout the year while explaining basic astronomy concepts
  • Saturday Science at LSU, Fall 2007 - Spring 2011, coordinate grad student involvement in the Saturday Science program, assist various science professors as they give talks for local high school students

Popular Press Articles

  • "Astronomy Picture of the Day" Leads to a Research Breakthrough, Feature Article, The Society of Physics Students Observer, Spring-Summer 2012. Download PDF
  • "Ask Astro", Column Answer, Astronomy Magazine, August 2012. Download PDF

Workshops & Training Programs Attended

  • Institute for Scientist & Engineer Educators Professional Development Program, Spring 2014
  • Resource Assisted Initiatives in Science Empowerment for Women (RAISE-W), August 2013 - Present
  • NASA Center for Astronomy Education/Collaboration of Astronomy Teaching Scholars "Astro 101: Improving the College Introductory Astronomy General Education Course Through Active Engagement" Workshop, Austin, TX, January 2012
  • National Science Foundation "Science: Becoming the Messenger" Workshop (Days 1 & 2), Baton Rouge, LA, November 2011